Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wrapping Up Dance, Cousins & Wasps!!!

Seems like I have not blogged in forever!!!
We got new internet service and did not turn it off...guess who had a $443 phone bill?!?!
This girl!!!
So wish I was kidding! Anyway ~ we are using the internet VERY sparingly until our billing cycle starts over!!!
We have been BUSY as usual! Mary Dalton and I spent the week in Savannah where she attended Youth Dance Ambassador camp. It was a LONG week!!! At the end of the week, we had national competition.
She did a super job on her solo! I was very proud...those little legs were tapping 900 mph...and her teeth looked SO good on stage! ;)
She enjoyed spending time with all of her sweet friends!
She and Marti Ann were together all week ~ They had the best time! They both love to eat and shop, so we did both in our spare time!
They learned a production number during the week and performed it at the Showcase on Saturday night, it was amazing how quickly they learned two dances! They did a great job!
It was a LONG week for much so that we have decided to take a break from dance for awhile. She is just worn out...and I am too!!! She is going to take dance but not a competitive level like we have been doing. She will just go once a week instead of twice (or more!) and will only be doing one competition this year, as opposed to 4. I think that this will help us ALL! We have loved SDE and it was a VERY hard decision to leave, but we are excited about something a little less demanding.
We got home on Saturday night LATE and then Sunday, my mom and my two nieces came! They were only here til Tuesday afternoon, but we sure enjoyed having them! We went shopping, swam, and watched movies! It was a fun visit!!!
Tuesday night, we went out to eat ~ our kids LOVE crab legs! They were pumped that there was a special ~ $9 for 1 lb! They each ate a pound and can't wait to go back!!!
Jackson got stung by a wasp on Tuesday before my mom left. I didn't notice how swollen it was until we got out of the car to eat. Thankfully, I had Benadryl and we iced it. It was HUGE!!! Our Dr said it was a localized allergic reaction and to watch it...We needed to keep it iced, so I put him in the wheelchair at Academy Sports...MDD was MORTIFIED!!! ha!!!
The kids left on Wednesday with Dalton's dad to fly to TN to meet their new cousin, Susan-Laine!
I think that it went pretty good! ;)
I was VERY jealous!!! How sweet is she?!?!
Dalton and & I had 3 date nights in a row while they were gone! We also worked on getting supplies and checking in our latest house project. The kids are in the air somewhere now headed home! We enjoyed our time, but cannot WAIT to see their sweet faces!!!

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