Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jackson's Science Birthday Party ?~

Jackson decided on a science themed party this year! My boss was so sweet to let me have the party in my classroom! There is NO WAY that this would have worked at our house!!! 
We got the school after Sunday School and started to set up ~ 
Each child had goggles (to borrow), a science journal and a lab coat to take home! 
He was SO SO SO excited!!! I surprised him with his cake and he loved the deer! :)
All ready to get started!!! 
As the kids came in, I let them do a virtual dissection on the smart board ~ they thought that was pretty cool and caught on SUPER fast!!! 
We did several experiments ~ some worked great...others not so much! I should have had a teenager helper at each table. Some children had a hard time filling in their charts, but all in all it worked out well...
We tested LOTS of things to see if they sink or float ~ 
blew up balloons with baking soda and vinegar, played with hydrophobic sand, make gak, and did an activity with bugs! 
The "big thrill" was putting mentos in diet coke!!! 
They were SOAKED!!! We did this three times and each time they yelled and giggled more! 
It was super cool!!! 
We came back in and opened his gifts ~ 
He got lots of gift cards and money ~ it's hard to buy gifts when your birthday is right after Christmas! He was super excited about the gift cards and cash! 
After that we did his cake...he was a little excited! LOVE that smile!!! :)
Super fun birthday that was actually not that expensive! :)

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