Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kids Say ~ ~ ~ ~

Just a few funnies from the past week ~
**We dropped Mary Dalton's Sunday School teacher's gift off at her house... MDD was wondering why we were taking it to her house instead of just taking it to SS the following week. I explained that Miss Mahala did not have any family to celebrate with and I wanted her to have a present on Christmas Day. When we got there, she jumped out and ran the gift to the porch (she wasn't there) she comes back with the BIGGEST smile EVER and said, "I just love little old spiders!" MDD HATES a spider so I said, "WHAT?!?!" She said, "You know...spiders...little old ladies whose husbands have passed away!" WIDOWS?!?!? "Oh yes's all the same!" :)

**Jackson got out of the shower and the soap was still dry. I asked him if he bathed and he said he did. I questioned the soap being dry and he said there was no need for me to worry...he had quit using soap at Thanksgiving when his cousin John Mark gave him some old cologne!

**Mary Dalton came to supper last night dressed to the NINES!!! Dress up dress, 5 inch heels, make up, hair done...and boobs! I told her she was awfully dressed up to eat tacos and she said she just wanted to be extra fancy...I asked her what she stuffed her dress with she said "It may be may be may be socks....they might have just grown since I got home from school....I am not telling...." HEAVEN HELP US ALL!!!!
She had even given herself a FABULOUS tattoo ~ upside down ~ I HATE a tattoo so we had a LONG discussion about WHY we NEVER EVER EVER get inked!!!

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