Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowy Day Fun!!!

We have been out of school for two days due to snow! Just found out we are out again tomorrow...I don't know whether to laugh or cry...I'm ready for a routine!!!
But!!!! The kids did have a great time in the snow!!! We stayed at the cabin and woke up to about two inches of snow...and in GA...that's a blizzard!!!
Before we headed out, dalton cooked us a yummy breakfast...and Jax realized his country ham was shaped like Oklahoma! :) talent I say!
I lasted about 5 minutes! I cannot stand cold and am not a fan of snow! The kids and Dalton had a ball!
They played in the hay bales! These babies were SLICK!!!
They made LOTS of snow balls!
We attempted to sled but we didn't quite have enough snow! 
And Jax got his first bird with his new 22!!! He was over the top excited!!!!
Fun day for sure but I am soooooo ready for banana boat, pool floats and snow cones!!!

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