Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 3 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 16 ~ While Mary Dalton had solo practice, Jackson had himself a FINE time playing on the hay bales! 
Day 17 ~ Like Father, Like Son...
I am WALKING out the door on the way to school and he says, 
"Hey Mama...give me just a second...I gotta finish up a little homework..." 
Nothing like waiting until the last minute! He was in no way, shape or form the LEAST bit bothered by this!!! 
Day 18 ~ Hooters (his choice) to celebrate his birthday! 
Day 19 ~ Science Birthday Party fun!!! 
Day 20 ~ Getting ready to see THE MOUSE!!!! So excited!!!! 

Day 21 ~ PERFECT afternoon for this Mama!!! I SO SO SO needed to do 500 things but instead I took about an hour to enjoy myself! My 3 favorite things ~ 
1.)Not only Mississippi Magazine...but the BRIDAL favorite!!!
2.) A good candle
3.) My favorite snack ~ honey crisp apple, peanut butter, granola and raisins

Day 22 ~ 
"Yes, I am sorry I am late once again for work, but you see my son HAD to hunt before we left this morning." And I SO wish I could say he killed  a bird...but let's just say no other animals will be eating Sunny's food.... #stayoutofouryardstrangecat
TOTALLY just realized Mary Dalton did not make many pics this week! She has been busy with dance and a sleepover! I am sure she will NOT appreciate this blog post very much! ;) 

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