Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Re-cap and Start of Birthday Fun!!!

This past weekend was BUSY!!! Friday night, Mary Dalton had her dance sleepover Friday night and had the BEST time! She has made some precious little friends and was so excited to get to spend some time with them! 
Saturday morning, the kids had their first basketball game!!! Mary Dalton was more concerned about what she was going to wear than the game! She said, "Nobody's gonna be watching me because I play let's let them check out my stylish outfit!" And she was ROCKING so funky knee socks! She scored 2 points and played great defense! 
The boys did not win their game ~ the girls tied 12-12 ~ let's just say that they aren't NEAR as aggressive as the girls!!! Jackson had a great time and is looking forward to his other games! 
After the game we made a stop by the PO and BOTH kids had mail ~ which NEVER EVER happens!!! They were soooo excited!!!! 
We headed to lunch to celebrate Jackson's birthday ~ Mary Dalton had herself SEVERAL Shirley Temple's! 
And Jackson picked Hooters of ALL places to eat ~ 
He was SMITTEN ~ like literally could not talk when the girls came over!!!
After lunch, we went to 2nd & Charles ~ MY NEW FAVORITE place!!! Mary Dalton got lots of books that were buy one get one free!!! 
We also hit up Whoa-Nuts ~ a new doughnut bar in town! They were good.....but Dalton's doughnuts are 100x better!!! 
Jackson took his birthday money from Nana and bought a cotton candy machine!!! We came home and made cotton candy! 
It was a super busy, but super fun weekend with my 3 favorite people! :) 
Next Up ~ Jackson's Science Party!!! 

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