Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dance America/Olympus 2014

We are in ATL this weekend for dance competition. Mary Dalton is in class right now and the  boys just hit the road to head home! She has class til 3:30 and is loving it! 
Mary Dalton was so excited to have Dalton & Jax there cheering for her!! She placed 4th in her group and was named as a Dancer of the Year (preliminary) so she can go to nationals and a week long class/camp at Disney..right after I sell my right kidney to finance it! ;)
This comp was SO organized and the lady in charge was so encouraging to ALL the girls! There were done amazing girls there and we had a great time watching then perform! 
Mary Dalton and Marti Ann have had the best time getting to know Ann Marie and Emerson this year! The 4 of them get along so well and have the best time playing together! So thankful for the sweet girls she's friends with! 
I enjoyed spending time with md on Friday shopping in ATL. She's so much fun! :)
Super fun weekend and we couldn't be prouder of our girl! 

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