Thursday, March 27, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week 12~ ~

Day 79 ~ Jackson was SO proud of his new turkey vest...not only did he sleep in it, but he wore it to school, too!!!
Day 80 ~ Mary Dalton had strep but was feeling better! Took advantage of that by getting pedicures before Jackson got home from school! 
Day 81  ~ Their first time to wash a car...and let's just say MDD had some MOVES when she washing...
She wanted to get on the hood and I asked her why...
"So I can be like that girl on the Whitesnake video!" 
Obviously Dalton & I watch WAAAAYYYY too much behind the music!!! 
Day 82 ~ 
Church with these cuties! 
Day 83 ~ 
Let there be PEACE on Earth!!!
1st gobbler down for this year's turkey season!!!! 
Dalton was SO happy...
(and so were we!)
Day 84 ~ 
She is rotten but I sure do love her!
Both the kids are practicing for their upcoming track meet at school ~ 
neither of them enjoy this at all...
Jax was saying people were making fun of him because he was slow. 
I was trying to remind him that everyone is not good at everything...just do your best and have fun.
MDD chimes in, 
"I am always last on purpose. I want to give everyone a good chance to see what I am wearing! If I am first, no one will even notice!" 
She's got it ALL figured out!!! 
Day 85 ~ 
This handsome thing got chosen as Choir Member of the Week!!!
He was SO happy!!!! 

Happy Thursday!!!! :) 

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