Friday, March 7, 2014

Just Some Random Things I Want to Remember ~

It seemed like when the kids were little my blog posts were all funny things that they did or said ~ others were about milestones...not I mostly blog about what we DO...and we DO a lot!!! These are just some random things about each munchin I want to remember ~ 
Mary Dalton ~ 9.5 years old
*She is really enjoying her new dance studio. 
*Still plays with Whitney Sue and Marti Ann.
*Is LOVING 3rd grade...I mean LOVES her teacher!
*Has started sleeping with Jackson in the last 3 months and cannot sleep unless he is there!
*I got her signed up for a week long overnight camp this summer! She is SOOOO excited!!!
(let's hope she sleeps there! ha!)
*Still loves her AG dolls! 
*She still hasn't made a profession of faith yet, but we praying that will happen soon!
*She's a **little** pre-hormonal/preteen with her mouth lately...which means she gets spanked. Breaks my heart...but it works. 
*Still has her Daddy WRAPPED!!! 

Jackson ~ 8 years old
*Moved up to the 4th-6th grade Sunday School class because he was so bored in his class! LOVES his new class and talks about the lessons Mr. Watkins teaches ALL week!!!
*LOVES the trampoline.
*Hopes to kill his first turkey this year! 
*Doesn't mind that MD sleeps with him but HATES to cuddle! ;)
*Has no desire AT ALL to go to overnight camp...that boy is a HOMEBODY!!!
*If the door alarm beeps when the door opens...he is ALWAYS going to double check and be sure we aren't leaving him! (we've never left him...just a phase!)
*I have to remind to him to bathe when he takes a shower. Last night, he didn't bathe his arm pits and he smelled AWFUL! I sent him back to the bathroom and instead of washing...he used Germ-X
*That being said, he LOVES cologne!!! 
*He doesn't care for 2nd grade much, but is BEYOND excelling and we are SO proud of him!!!! 

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