Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rattle Snake Round Up 2014 ~

Last weekend, before I went to DC ~ we had an exciting weekend planned for the kids!
We started with dinner at Hogie Joe's on Friday night ~
We ran into Sallie Ann while we were there! She was celebrating her 25th birthday! HOW can that be?!?! I remember when she drove the golf cart to babysit for me!!! I am getting OLD!!! 
Saturday morning, we got the kids up EARLY to head to the Rattle Snake Round Up ~ it should be called the Redneck Round Up ~ BUT!!! It really IS fun and an experience EVERYONE should have!
Both kids got to ask a friend ~ Jackson asked Sam, our preacher's son ~ he is  in 6th grade so I was not sure if he would WANT to go with a 2nd grader....but he did and they got along great! He is a great kid and he and Jackson had a blast!

Mary Dalton had a hard time choosing who to ask ~ She wanted to ask 2 girls ~ but we made her choose...she decided to invite Whitney Sue and they had themselves a FINE time! Mary D. normally does not touch ANY reptile but since WS was along, she touched them all! 
Dalton gave each child $20 and told them to spend it on whatever rides/gifts/etc they wanted...
20 mins later...they needed more money! There was not as much as they had last year, but it didn't slow these 4 down!!!

They were SO excited to get their picture with The General Lee ~
Bo Duke was there for pictures after lunch but the line started forming around 10...and I was SO not standing in it!!! Families in matching "Duke" shirts were there....waiting for hours...
I did not know there was such a variety of Dukes of Hazzard clothing out there....
Last year, I SO SO SO wanted a fried peanut butter cup but passed....
this year I ATE it up!!!! If you EVER have the chance to order one...DON'T LET IT PASS YOU BY!!!!
When I get to heaven, I am pretty sure John the Baptist will greet me with a freshly fried order of these babies...
worth every single calorie!!!!
The kids opted to make their own snow cones ~ Neat idea...
They got to add their own flavors...they loved this!!!
They were starving after jumpimg, climbing a rock wall, riding a bull, shooting guns, etc. 
The boys both bought a new knife and the girls bought matching purses....They had a GREAT time and we can't wait to go back next year!!! 

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