Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bitter Sweet ~ ~ ~

I am SO sad to say that Spring Break will be over in the morning!!!!
No more sleeping in, fun day trips, playing outside til dark, eating popscicles all day...
back to school time. I have a stomach ache just thinking about it! I have already found the kids' backpacks and made sure they were ready for tomorrow. YUCK!!!
I LOVE my job but by this time of year ~ I am OVER it. The kids are over it. I always say that is like a sleep over ~ We have had a great time but now we are ALL tired (KIDS INCLUDED!!!) and we need a break from each other!!!
That being said ~ we are on the offical COUTNDOWN to summer!!!!!
And I cannot WAIT!!!!
Dalton and I left Friday morning early so he could attend a conference in Savannah with the other country attorneys in GA. It's always so much fun traveling with him! He is so funny!!!
While I he was in class on Friday ~ I positioned myself right beside the pool and had yummy drinks while I laid out !I have the first tan line of the year!!! SUCCESS!!!!
We had dinner with the county commissioners on Friday night ~ we ate The Boar's Head ~ it was delicious!!! I did not feel well at al on Saturday and literally laid in bed 2/3 of the day and watched TV and slept! I hated that I felt bad but was glad I was "off" and could just rest!
Saturday night, we ate with some representatives from Caterpillar at The River House ~ again....delicious food! I don't think I have EVER had bad food in Savannah!!!
This morning, we slept in and then had brunch at Huey's ~
see a trend here???
LOTS of eating...I dread weighing tomorrow!!!! Back to the grind for sure!!!
Meanwhile back at home ~
My two had the BEST time with my mama! They played in the sand, metal detected, played cupcake wars, dyed Easter eggs, jumped on the trampoline, worked on sewing, practiced for the spelling bee, went to the park, and rode bikes! Needless to say ~ they had a BLAST!!!!
Mary Dalton said,
"Mama, this was my best spring break EVER!"
I am SO SO SO thankful my mama was able to come keep them for us! It was wonderful not worrying about them and ALSO coming home to a clean house and clean laundry!!!! Thanks Nana!!!!! :)
I am going to enjoy my last three hours of spring break ~ I told myself at 8 p.m. I would make lunches and get everything ready for tomorrow ~
Spring Break 2014 you sure were fun while you to countdown to SUMMER BREAK!!!

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