Saturday, April 12, 2014

Surprise!!!! Nana is HERE!!!

I can't believe we pulled it off, but we totally surprised the kids! They thought a sitter was coming for the weekend and it was nana!!!  We haven't seem her since December because bless her sweetheart she has had surgery after surgery for kidney stones! We are SOOO thankful she is feeling better and got to come see us! 
How cool is a Pawpaw who can make a knife AND an eagle handle??? This boy was SOOO proud!!!
Miss Priss got three beautiful cross pendents! She was very excited, too!
After Nana got settled we headed to the park to enjoy the warm weather! Jax talked Nana into trying out the six inch's literally 6 inches off the ground. Strange.
This girl loves her Nana!
Jackson practiced his bow shooting while Nana watched....
And then we all went for a golf cart rude!
Dalton and I are headed to Savannah in the morning for a conference. I'm excited about having some time away and that the kids get some special time with my mama! 

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