Monday, May 19, 2014

Disney Cruise 2014 ~

Ohhhhh we just got back from our 3rd Disney Cruise and it did not fail to disappoint!!!
My favorite part of cruising is that we have NO ACCESS to phone calls, texts or internet for almost 4 days!!! Nothing but time with these two nuts!!!
We left late Tuesday night and went as far as the coast and then got up early Wednesday morning to finish the journey!!! They were SO excited!!! 
Being the in vacation spirit ~ Dalton even let us stop in St. Augustine to shop for a little while! He and Jackson went to Gander Mountain while Mary Dalton & I hit the outlet mall!! 
Nothing like a drink out of a glass bottle!!! 
We stayed at Ron Jon Caribe Resort ~ we stayed there last year and the kids loved it! 
They have so much to do there and they were entertained well! 
I bet they did the slide 100 times!!! 
We eat at a place on the water called Rusty's ~ delicious food and great atmosphere, too! 
There was live music and birds galore ~ Jax SO wished he had his gun with him! ;) 
When we got back ~ we hit the pool again! 
Thursday morning we left to get on the boat! Last year our boarding # was 5 ~ This year it was TWO!!! We were SOOOO excited!!! We were one of the first families on the boat!!! 
They went STRAIGHT to the AquaDuck because there was NO LINE!!! 
Hello Vacation!!!! 
We went and got settled in our room ~ I could just sit on the balcony the entire trip!!! 
This girl ADORES her Daddy!!! 
We went to the Arcade for a little while ~ then I took MD to the spa for a manicure and pedicure! How cute is that?!? They had little girls up to age 12 there and she had the BEST time!!! They did all sorts of ice cream toppings on their hands and feet and then had ice cream sundaes! 
This boy was ready for the pool ~ again!!! 
Mary Dalton blew us off for dinner ~ but Jackson went with us! He had fun, but was not as into the Kid's Club as the past 2 years ~ they activities don't change and I think he was a little he hung out with us and we tried out some new things! 
Friday ~ we got off the boat and spent the day shopping in Nassau ~ 
Saturday was spent on Castaway Cay ~ We usually have a cabana but didn't this time and we were dreading it!!! However, it was not bad at all!!! It really wasn't crowded and we had a great time! 
We had planned to jet ski and parasail but BOTH got cancelled due to high winds!!! The kids were kinda bummed, but we rented a paddle boat instead!!! 
They went to the kid's club on the island for a little while....
Coreen was their FAVORITE counselor last year! She remembered them (we wrote her during the year!) She was SO SO SO Excited to see them!!! They were pretty pumped to see her too!!! She was SO sweet ~ she sent them "treats" each night before bed ~ backpacks, bracelets, note pads, etc! VERY thoughtful! We love her!!! 
We went to "D Lounge" one night to watch Family Fusion ~ a game show kinda like family feud... They needed 4 families to play and they picked them based on a dance off ~ As soon as the music started, Mary D. did a jump split and we got picked! The kids were THRILLED!!! They asked us questions about each other and we actually WON the game show!!! Some of the questions were ~ Which Disney character is Jax most like? Duhhh....GOOFY!!! Which Dwarf describes Dalton in the morning ~ Happy!!! Which family are we most like ~ Can't remember the name but they were described as "Weird" ~ and we ALWAYS talk about how weird we are! ;) There were also some trivia questions about movies, etc! We won a gift bag with embroioered hats, journals, water bottles, marker boards, etc. in it! You would have thought we won the lottery! ;) 
For their souvenirs ~ Mary Dalton got a new pandora charm and Jax got a model of the ship and had the captain sign it! 
It has been a wonderful 3 years cruising with Disney!!! 
We are going to wait a few years until they are both old enough for the "tweens" club before we go back! In the meantime we are planning a surprise trip for next summer!!! 

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