Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014~ Wrap Up

2014 was an AMAZING year for our family!!!
I am so thankful for many blessings we have!
I can't BELIEVE I actually posted a picture EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
I haven't decided if I will attempt it again in 2015 ~ I LOVE that I have our whole year in pictures and hope my children will enjoy looking back at these one day!
So ~ here's a wrap up of our year!
January ~
We perfected our art of ice skating...I fell and ended up in bed for a few days...I am not as young as I feel! ;) The kids started basketball, we celebrated Jackson's 8th birthday at Hooters and with a science party! We had a couple of snow days ~ YAY! ~ and we also took a trip to Disney World!!!
Dalton was also named as the county attorney!
Great month for sure! :)
February ~
We celebrated Dalton's 38th birthday ~ dance competition season started, we bought a duplex making our rental house total up to ....well...I honestly don't know...a lot. We enjoyed our winter break at the Kroc Center!
March came in with a bang!!! Jackson shot his first TWO turkeys in one morning!
We went to the Rattlesnake Round Up, Nana came to keep the kids while I went to a conference with Dalton in Savannah~ they had NO IDEA she was coming....super fun surprise! :) MD completed her science fair project ~
April started with Easter ~ my FAVORITE holliday!
The kids were busy with school activites ~ they both participated in track...and neither enjoyed it...but hey...they tried it! ;)  We eneded the month with a trip to Wild Adventures with MD's class ~ it was SO much fun and we can't wait to go back with Jackson's class this year!
May ~
We celebrated Mother's Day ~ so blessed to be their mother! Finished up 2nd and 3rd grade ~ went on a Disney Cruise and both children were honored at Honor's Day! MD got the highest average in Social Studies and Math ~ and a trophy for the highest AR points in the whole school! :)
June ~
We headed to Natchez and had a BLAST there! We spent lots of time in the backyard swimming ~ my favorite part of summer! Visited the beach a few times and MD went to camp and LOVED it!!!
July ~
Dalton and I celebrated 14 years of marriage with an AMAZING trip to Mexico!
We spent time at the farm, picked corn and enjoyed playing with Susan-Laine!
August ~
Md started 4th grade and Jax started 3rd ~ Jax started football and although I was a NERVOUS wreck...he LOVED it!!! We celebrated MD turning 10 ~ double digits!!! YIKES! ~she had an ice skating party! Dance season started back!
September ~
We spent a TON of time at football game and practices ~ MD decided she REALLY disliked cheering and would just stick to dance! The children took a trip to the coast with Sooz and Whitney got to tag along! MD got to meet "Addison" her favorite character on "Kim of Queens" ~ and Dalton took the kids to the gas station in the their PJs...and they fit right in! :)
October ~
FALL was in the air and we enjoyed the weather!
We made a trip to Birmingham for fall break, Sallie Ann got married, we had homecoming week at school, started a kitchen remodeling project and I spent three days in the bed with a flu like virus...but had the CUTEST male nurse! ;)
November ~
SO much fun!
MD continued to wear bows bigger than her head...and look ADORBALE while doing it! ;)
I took my best girl, Clair, to MS with me for a shopping trip of a lifetime!  Dalton surprised MD with a lunch date at school, Sooz came for the book fair and we went back to MS for Thanksgiving!!!
December ~
I don't think we could have squeezed anymore into this month!
Mary Dalton ROCKED her part as Mia in the Christmas play, we make Christmas cookies, went to Lights of the South with The Millers, played basketball, went to Open House at The Orchards, played with Susan-Laine every chance we had, enjoyed a visit from Nana and Pawpaw, hosted a Christmas Eve Brunch, celebrated Jesus' birthday, had a visit from Santa, got a bird (I am still adjusting to this!), got new guns from Daddy, spent time at the cabin, ate WAY TOO much yummy food, and bought 90 acres and a pond! Yep...we were busy!!!  
 Of course all days have not been rainbows and sunshine! I've felt lonely, overwhelmed, work has been stressful, my feelings have been hurt, I have been sick, I have wanted my Mama to come in my front door and "fix" everything that had gone wrong that day...but EVERYDAY I was thankful. God has blessed our family beyond measure. I can honestly say 2014 has been one of the best years of my life.
I am curious what 2015 will hold for our family ~ but it can also be a lot to think about.... Will this be the year Mary Dalton asks Jesus into her heart? Will my children continue to be successful in school?  Will Dalton's law practice continue to be successful? Will our children be healthy? Will WE be healthy? Who won't be here with this time next year?
And although there are a TON of "what ifs" and 500 scernarios that MIGHT happen...I look forward to the new year! I plan to enjoy each day to its fullest and do my BEST not to let petty things bother me. I want to deepen my relationships ~ with Jesus, family and friends. I want to enteratain more. I want to use my time wisely. I want to take in EVERYTHING about my two children...because they are growing up way too fast. I want to laugh...all time...and this will likely happen because I live with Dalton! :)  I also want to focus on teaching and modeling the Bible more to my children.
And though I DON'T know what the future holds ~ God does...and with that being said...
Bring it on 2015!!!
"For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  

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