Friday, January 2, 2015

Our New Year so Far ~

2015 is off to a great start!
We enjoyed a fun NYE party and Whitney Sue spent a few days with us!
It was COLD at the party, but the kids had a blast!
We left about 10 and headed home ~ Dalton let them get some snacks to help them stay awake to midnight! And ~ it worked!!!
Happy NEW YEAR!!!!
This break has been so enjoyable! We have been able to do lots of fun things, but also just enjoy being home and together! The kids have enjoyed playing with their new toys!
MD is still loving her AG dolls!
This popped  up on my time hop app ~
LOVE! He wore this to church 5 years ago...he was 4. He would NEVER do that now...much too cool for that! ;)
But he did sport a lovely falling off mustache at the movies this week! ;)
Another "great" moment this week was when I realized MD is 10 and she can run in the store and get what I need while I sit in the car in my Pjs! :)
And finally last night ~I went ahead and went through my school stuff and looked over my material for next the kids' backpacks cleaned out and ready to start school on Monday!
We are looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend at home before we get back in the "grind" next week!

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