Thursday, January 1, 2015

Week 52 ~ #dailydowdypic

Can I get a drum roll please ~
It's one of TWO resolutions that I have EVER made and stuck with!!!
I mamanged not to forget one day and have a picture from each day of 2014!
Day 359 ~
Merry Christmas from my babies...who aren't babies anymore!
Day 360  ~
Target pracitce.
Watch out boys...she will out shoot you.
Day 361  ~
All good things must come to an end!
Packing it up until next year!
Day 362 ~
The only person who can jump on my bed, throw all the pillows off and not get in trouble! :)
Love my Razz!
Day 363 ~
Rainy Monday called for a PJ and old movie day!
This was part of the video the first time MD met Jax! She was just a baby herself!
Day 364 ~
Mellow Mushroom with my favorites after the farm closing!
Celebrating! :)
Day 365 ~
Happy New Year from The Dowdys!

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