Saturday, February 14, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 Week 6~~~

A few days late!!! 
Day 36...
Tis the season for dance competition!!! 
Day 37...Mary Dalton has been BEGGING to go to Swank in ATL! Her wish came true and she bought some fabulous earrings with the help of Sooz! 

Day 38... Mary D did a great job on here solo "Ring Them Bells!" 
Day 39...the stack on the left is ours from the weekend...the two items on the left...well, those are from the boys! 
Day 40...obviously no one in our house knows where the trash can is located...
Bless their hearts...
Day 41...I had work the basketball game and had the two cutest bouncers help me!!! ;)

Day 42...we loaded up for a road trip!!! Nashville here we come!

Day 43...breakfast on the balcony before a fun day!!!

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