Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flash Back Friday ~ The Case of the Missing Tampons...

After coming home from work one day, I went to the bathroom and noticed an ENTIRE box of tampons was MIA ~ The maid had been there earlier so I called and asked is she moved them. She said, "I thought I put them back in the bathroom after I mopped, but maybe I didn't." We both assumed she threw them away and I went about grading papers...the kids were napping upstairs.
When I heard them start to wake up, I opened Jackson's door ~ there was a WHOLE pile of wrappers and applicators in a nice little pile in his room. (He was almost 2) ~
 I said, "Jackson! Did you open those?"
 "Yes Mommy."
"Where is the rest of it?"
(There applicators that were empty...I had NO IDEA what he could have done with the cotton part)
"It's on da Christmas 'pee"
And just like that ~ a whole box of tampons had been used to decorate his "Christmas pee" in his room!
Pretty creative...and they did kinda look like angels hanging there! :)

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