Monday, March 30, 2015

4 More Days ~

until we are on SPRING BREAK!!! 
I can't wait! MD is pretty much "over" 4th grade and getting out the door every morning seems to be happening later and later...we need a break...what we really need is summer...but a break will work for now! ;) 

We had a nice weekend ~ we went to Augusta Saturday morning and got shoes for Easter and then MD met Marti Ann and her grandmother for lunch and a movie! Miss Ellen is SO sweet and always plans things for them to do when she is in town! MD had so much fun! 

We had the nursery at church yesterday and my 2 had so much fun "helping" ~ 
They are actually really good with the toddlers and I didn't do anything but change the diapers! :) 
This week is one my seniors look forward to...and dread ~ Ready or Not Tot week! They look all bright eyed today....but by Friday...these kids will be WORN OUT!!! ;) 
I am STILL loving my Hello Fresh!!! I made this dish Friday night and MD and I LOVED it! Jax ate the chicken...and loved it...a true miracle! 
This is a referral code for $20 off your first box ~ if you try it ~ you will LOVE it! 
We are SOSOSOSOSOSO excited Rebel is coming home next week!!! We can't wait to meet him!!! 
I am like a new mom! I can't wait to get my new "baby!" 
And last night ~ my kids went to the church egg hunt at the church ~ 
they had the best time! 
I should also fail to mention that I forgot to send eggs, a dessert, and we were late picking the kids up ~ I have turned into "That" mom ~ 
I wish it bothered me ~ but it doesn't ~ I am just waiting on spring break...
In case I haven't mentioned that! :) 

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