Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break 2015 ~ that's a wrap ~

and was it EVER fun!!!
We pretty much stayed at home during the week ~ other than going to get Rebel! We enjoyed Whitney Sue coming over to play on Friday!!! These girls are so sweet and so laid back ~ they just go with the flow! WS can play with MD OR Jackson ~ they both love her and she loves them so it works out GREAT when she's around! :)
We got started on our tan lines ~ it was GLORIOUS! I was able to read some, too, which is always a treat!
The kids played for HOURS at the tree house!
The weather ALL week was PERFECT ~ it looks like rain all this week so I am very thankful for the pretty weather we had!
Friday night, we went to the cabin and had some friends out for a fish fry! The kids played football and with Rebel! I love that they love to be at the farm ~ I know in a few years they won't think it is "cool" to hang out with us, but for now they love it!
My sweet Rebel ~
He was worn OUT!!!
The girls practiced their shooting skills ~ ummmm...they're dead on. Almost everytime. Don't  mess with these two. ;)
They were DYING to get in the boat ~ Dalton let them go out with the paddles...MD was freaking out that they were going to get stranded, but they made it back to shore!
The boys stayed at the cabin Friday night and MD and I were up at 6 to head for her LAST competition this season! We did this comp with our old studio and it is our FAVORITE so we were excited that it worked out and we were able to go!
It's in our favorite city ~ Savannah ~ the girls wanted to go to Wet Willie's after they danced!
These two have SO many dance memories already!!! They've been to ATL, Savannah, Statesboro, Macon, and even NYC to comps! They LOVE being together and dancing! They also love the shopping, eating, and playing at the hotel, too!
They both did super and qualified for Nationals and made YDA ~ a camp that she can attend in the summer...if you would like to sell your kidney to fund it....
Marti Ann's Nana went with us ~ she usually goes with us and we LOVE her! She treats MD like she belongs to her! We are so blessed with such sweet friends!
We left this morning around 9 and made it back home in time for MD to meet her Sunday School teacher for a girl's afternoon at the movie! They went to see Cinderella ~ MD had the best time! Miss Judy is PRECIOUS ~ MD adores her!!!
While we were away ~ the boys hung out at the cabin ~ Jackson found over 20 arrowheads in one of the fields at our farm! He was so excited! He learned to operate the boat with the motor, ate a ton of fried deer steak, and went turkey hunting with his Daddy!
I was glad to get home to my boys today! All of the sudden, Jax is CRAZY about hunting ~ Dalton & I walked with him to the tree house so he could try to find a bird to shoot. He settled for a can and had target practice!  ~
(How OLD does he look!?!?)
Love this little man ~ He's acting more and more like that sweet Daddy of his ~
And this is sheer perfection ~
The two men in my life looking for birds...and Jackson grabbed his Daddy's hand...
this won't happen much longer I know ~ but it sure was precious to me...and I am thankful I snapped a picture!
 We ate tacos for supper and now MD is unpacking, Jax is showering, Dalton is watching The Masters (and waiting on Game of Thrones!), Rebel is crying to get out of "dog jail" and I just got done making lunches and getting school stuff in line for tomorrow!
We only have a few weeks of school left, but lots of fun things on the horizon!
Bring it on!!! Summer is just around the corner!!!

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