Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jackson's First Football Game of the Season ~

Last night was Jackson's first game! 
He was SO excited ~ more so than last year because he knew what to expect this year! 
He LOVES practicing as much as he loves playing! 
He was really pumped about getting to start this year! 
They start in 3rd grade and play to 5th so obviously the older you are...the more playing time! 
Jackson is #6 again this year! His good friend, Blake, behind him is #3. 

There aren't but 2 other boys in 4th grade, so he is enjoying getting to know the other boys in 5th grade. 
The team played hard and he got some great one point two BIG boys came after him and he held his own...they didn't knock him down. We lost...but I have NO IDEA what the score was?!?! I don't know who is trying to score or who is doing what...
I am NOT a football girl ~ but I LOVE watching him play! 
And this may be my favorite pic of ALL time from football ~ sweet can boys be?!! 
Charlie was helping him click his chin strap back in...
And I would also like to THANK all the other "good moms" who had cameras...I don't even own one! 
I took these pics off Facebook or otherwise there would be none! ;)
We have 5 more games and he can't wait! 

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