Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up ~

Wow!! Our weekend went fast! 
Friday started with our first home football game ~ 
and selfies in the library with 5th grade! ;) 
Jackson's class sang The National Anthem at the football game ~ 
It was precious! 
He went home with Blake after the game and MD and I had the house to ourselves ~ Big D was at the farm! 
We stayed up WAY too late watching Say Yes to the Dress! 
Saturday morning we headed to Augusta for a Girl's Day! 
When did she start looking 14?!?! 
She INSISTED on wearing my wedges and earned herself some lovely blisters from them...but she kept on a-truckin...all in the name of good fashion! ha! 
We enjoyed PF Chang's for lunch  ~
We love this place and our boys are not fans so we go when it's just the two of us! 
We came home and she practiced her new solo in the front yard ~ 
And loved on Sunny some, too! 
Saturday night, we went to a Mennonite wedding supper ~ that would be a whole blog in itself...I wanted to take pics but they don't allow (or take pics) of themselves so I didn't. It was really nice and I love how tightly knit their community is! 
Jackson got home around 6 and his eyes looked worse than these (I googled these trying to diagnose him!) ~ Needless to say, he stayed at home Saturday night and all day Sunday.  He obviously got into some ragweed and it did him in! He is MUCH better today!  
Sunday morning we had a breakfast to honor our sweet Sunday School teacher ~ She is retiring after 40  years of Sunday School! We have been BLESSED by being in her class! 
Sunday afternoon looked like this ~ 
I spend all day on Sunday getting ready for the week...
I did pick up these two pillows this weekend and this is our FIRST purchase for our new bedroom we are adding to our cabin! :) 
And these are the BEST muffins ever ~ 
We had them at our Sunday School party on Sunday morning! 
Sunday night, Dalton and I made a quick run to Home Depot to pick up paint for a rental project! 
Sunday night at 7 in a rain storm ~ that's the time to be in Home Depot...
NOBODY was in there!!! 
Mary D. started with a temp and sore throat on Sunday afternoon late ~ she stayed home today and I worked half a day. The Dr. said it was allergies and fluid on her ears...
we got some flonase and I am praying she is on the road to recovery!
I hate she is sick ~ but our jammed pack Monday became a nice afternoon at home! :)'s to another week! :) 

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