Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Carving Contest...

Monday night, MD skipped dance because she had been running a fever...she was feeling better so we decided to carve pumpkins!
Sooz stopped by to see the kids in action! 
Crazy Dalton is making fun of the official "GIRL" pose! 
That man ~ he is CRAZY!!!
They sketched and looked for ideas on Pinterest before they got started.
They ALWAYS want us to tell them who did the best job ~ 
we decided to let our facebook friends decide...which I HIGHLY recommend!!! 
Other than cutting the top off, the kids did all their own carving...we actually went and watched TV while they carved...they were on their own! 
MD "dressed" her pumpkin...because....well, she's MD! 
Jackson added a hat to his because he didn't want to be outdone by his sister! 
We took all the accessories off and lit them  ~I posted this pic on FB and it was about 8:10 ~ the kids got baths, finished up some HW and we checked the votes at 9:30 (I posted I would check then!) 
We went in the study and Dalton called out the votes while I wrote them....
Jackson won!!! 
Our friends (and their family!) were so sweet to vote and write such sweet things to our kids! 
We will be doing this again for sure!!! 

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