Monday, November 23, 2015

Nana & Pawpaw's 50th Wedding Anniversary

We just got back from a fun weekend celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary!
We left early Saturday morning and head to Smith Lake  ~ it was supposed to be a 4 hour drive but it took more like 5 1/2 hours to get there.
My brother and sister (and families) were already there by the time we got there  ~
We haven't all been together in a long time, so it was fun for us to get to spend time together! We missed John Mark but we are hoping that he will come see us during his Christmas break!
We rented a cabin and it was loaded with things to keep my two occupied...and with wifi so Jackson was in heaven!
As a gift to my parents we took pictures of each family  ~
We did this in RECORD time and my Daddy complained the entire time...but we got it done.
The original Tuttles ~
The whole clan  ~minus John Mark!
My sister (who is like my other mama), my mama and me
Mary Dalton LOVES having older cousins and they are so super sweet to her!
She had so much fun hanging out with them this weekend.
This may be my favorite picture of me and my mama ever...
and I LOVE the photobombers!
After pictures, we all went to eat...we put the FUN in dysfunction!
We had to run to Walmart and we left Elizabeth in charge of our two ~ I could hear them ALLLL the way in the produce section...and MD managed to hit some old lady in the face with the ball!!!
We woke up Sunday morning to CHILLY temps and this view!
Dalton cooked us a yummy breakfast and we watched old home movies!
The two of us found our way to the balcony and bundled up and drank hot chocolate  ~
I love him so! :)
We then broke out some games while the men watched football!
Jackson and Nana were on my team...and we were actually pretty good!
We were surprised that my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Candy were able to come by ~ I haven't seen them in YEARS and they are the sweetest people you will EVER meet!!! We hope to go see them soon!
After they left ~ Jackson took a nap and MD cheered me right on out the door!
We left and the kids are in MS for the week now with my parents! They were so excited to have Nana for the week!!!
and the two of us left alone!!!
We were a tad excited ourselves...although I know we will be ready to see them on Saturday!!!
It was a super fun weekend and I am truly thankful for my parents' commitment to their marriage and all the things they have taught us!

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