Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weeks 45 & 46

Thursday ~ 11/5
Nothing sweeter than this old pic of my MD and Pluto on my timehop! 
Friday ~ 
Christmas is in FULL swing at our house! 
Saturday ~ some were less than excited about Christmas card pictures! 
Sunday ~ 
Those pig tails ~ be still my heart!!! 
A little sheep eye dissection for your Monday! 
Tuesday night date at Mexican with Jackson! 
Wednesday  ~I came home to a clean house and ordered a casserole for supper...enjoyed the afternoon and the decorations! 
Seriously?!?! I can't even...he was his Daddy for "Generation Day!" 
Friday night football fun with Olivia! 
I swear he is part monkey! 
Saturday at the cabin 
Hunting in his drawers after church...boys.
Making a little cash after selling his pecans! 
Field trip to a moonshine distillery with my class. Yes it is legal...not they aren't. ;) 
My students worked at the food pantry and got to meet this famous NFL player from our area...but I can't remember his whole name?!?! Fernando Velesco?!?! Anyway...they thought it was cool! 
and hello....I want to make this!!! How cute is this!?!? 
Looking forward to a weekend away to celebrate with my family! We are celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! Can't wait! 

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