Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Recital 2016 and Dancer of the Year

Mary Dalton's dance recital was this past Saturday night!!! 
She LOVES to dance and perform for anyone who will watch, so she was so excited! 
These two have SO many fun memories together already! They are both so sweet to each other and encourage each other...they are the sweetest! 
Mary Dalton moved up to Jr Company this year ~ usually this is for 6-8 grade, but Brooke moved a few of them up! Mary Dalton has LOVED being a part of Jr Co this year and has made some precious, sweet new friends! 
They had a solo recital at 3, senior farewell at 6, and the actual recital at 6:30 ~ We were able to sneak away and have a nice meal! It was the best recital ever! ;) 
I had a college girl backstage helping MD get dressed, so I do not have many pics! The recital was great and she did a super job! The biggest surprise of the night was when she was name Jr. Company Dancer of the Year! Miss Brooke said such sweet comments about MD ~ she always gives 110% in practice, goes "all out" when she dances, she keeps them laughing and has good work ethic ~ things that made this mama BEAM! 
There are a TON of dancers, so for MD to be recognized (not to mention one of the youngest in the group) was a huge honor ~ she dances with some REALLY REALLY good dancers, too! 
I think her Daddy was pretty proud, too ~ 
And side note...Jackson did not complain ONCE about the recital ~ he loved watching the good looking older girls dance...especially tap dance...for obvious reasons, I won't disclose. ;) 
Mary Dalton's friend, Annie, was awarded Miss SDC ~ the highest honor at our studio ~ and she is in 8th grade...that says so much about what a great girl this young lady is!  Our school was well represented at the recital! :) 
We SO missed Anna Grace being there, but her sister Bethany was there and was just as excited for MD as AG would have been! 
It was a great dance season! I am so proud of MD and her hard work and thankful for the Christian ladies that teach her and inspire to be her best!!! 

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