Monday, September 26, 2016

Nantahala Outdoor Center

I left last Thursday to take my juniors (and a few seniors) to NOC in Bryson City, NC! 
We stopped along the way and had lunch at The Dillard House! 
We arrived in NC around 3 and they started exploring the camp area! 
They were having their customer appreciation sale so it was PACKED! They had live music, vendors, and a huge sale ~ it was a perfect time to go! :) 
This was one of the prettiest places I have been in a LONG time! 
That water was FREEZING though!!! 
Friday morning, we had a mud run...the old teacher took part and I am proud to say that my group ~ the girls plus one boy ~ WON by 13 seconds!!!! 
I would also like to report that I have NEVER been that dirty in my whole life! 
It was a BLAST! I did things I had no idea my old butt could physically do! We had a great time! 
We had a campfire and made smores ~ 
typical camp stuff...
White water rafting was a BLAST!!! The rapids were only 2 and 3 ~ I am DYING to go back and do some REAL rapids!!! 
This is my favorite picture from the whole trip ~ 
I am not in this, but Tripp's face is PRICELESS!!! 
Our last activity was zip lining and an obstacle course ~ we did the course first and Ansley & I were terrified!!! 
I was yelling back to see if there was ANY way I could get down...
I had to finish.
It was UGLY but I finished!!! The actual zip lining was fun and the obstacle course left me with rope burn, sore muscles, and bruises! I won't be tackling that again! 
My students are the best. 
They were SO well behaved and have the best manners! The boys are such gentlemen and the girls are just dolls! I had the best time getting to know them better outside of the classroom setting! 
I had a blast but was ready to see my crew ~  I left Jackson home sick with strep...and MD got sick with a bad cold while I was gone! I was so thankful to be back home with all my "chicks" in my nest, but I am planning this trip again already for next year...but taking them with me!!! :) 

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