Sunday, September 18, 2016

We Made It ~ Barely, but We Made It...

Well...I survived homecoming week...barely. I am absolutely exhausted and it seems this week was 25 days long...but I survived. MD started feeling bad Wednesday night and has ran fever nonstop. We both started a zpack but she's still sick...and bless her sweet bones...she's THE worst sick person ever. I was  up with her all night for the last two nights and I. Am. Too. Old. For. This. 
Dalton was out of town at a conference and I was literally counting down the minutes until Homecoming was over Friday night, he was home, and I could SLEEP!!! 

Thursday was TBT ~ they asked students to dress in "old" TJA clothes! 
My juniors were PRECIOUS as the cast of GREASE!!! They are so much fun and I love that they ALL participate!!! :) 
I left early Thursday to come home and take care of MDD ~ she was so sick! She slept all afternoon and I caught up on TV  and social media...and drank hot tea to help my throat...
And this...
Oh my word! 
Friday was school spirit day ~ I did not even take one pic! I was running on fumes after 2 nights of now sleep! We left before the pep rally ~ MD was feeling MUCH better so I went home to make sure was really "well" ~ She went with Marti Ann to Augusta to celebrate her 12th bday and Jax went with me to school! We had to be there EARLY for homecoming pictures...
we brought back 40 of our homecoming queens which was really fun...stressful, but fun! 
Jackson found one of his FAVORITE queens ~ Chelsey! 
And I found LOTS of my old students ~ This is one part of my job I LOVE!!! I love to watch them become young adults...they are so precious, full of life,a and I loved catching up with them!!! 
Half time was the presentation of the homecoming court ~ when I took over last year, we decided to have all of our seniors on the court and just vote for the queen! These 8 girls would ALL be great queens...these are some fabulous young ladies!!! They are so encouraging to each other and encourage me, too! Love them! :) 
While we were at the game ~ MD had made a miraculous recovery (AKA 24 hours of antibiotics) and was having a blast at Air Strike followed by Japanese! Fun times!!! 
We slept LATE Saturday morning ~ I ran home and did a few things and we were back at the cabin by 2! The kids played JENGA max and cards most of the afternoon! I made lots of "football food" and we watched the SEC games! It was PERFECT after our busy week!!! 
Saturday night ~ Jackson and I went and looked for deer...we saw 7! 
Sunday morning ~ the kids had to help with the spaghetti luncheon at the Methodist church. I helped in the kitchen while they served plates. We served about 85 people and made over $1200! It was a successful luncheon for sure! This was their first fundraiser for the ski trip coming up! 

We went back to the cabin and watched TV, then headed home to get ready for the week ~ laundry, lunch prep, projects, etc. Typical Sunday! 
This week ~ MD is running for 4h President, Jackson has a biome project due, I am going on an overnight rafting trip with my class, MD is staying with Sallie, and food plots will be planted...
BUSY but blessed we are! :) 

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