Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A WHOLE Lotta Mississippi FUN

This past weekend was a BLUR ~ but it was a blur of fun!!!
We left around 1 on Thursday and headed to my home state!!! We got there around 7:30 and my sweet brother had a steak dinner waiting on us! My niece and nephew were both home, so that was an extra special treat! This was the first LONG road trip in my new car...I thought we would miss the DVD player, but the kids kept themselves entertained! Woohoo!!!
I LOVE traveling with my people...at some point on every trip, they make me want to pull my hair out...but I love every minute of being with them...
After our delicious supper, we hit the hay and woke up to this...
Seriously...best brother ever...
I NEVER wake up to breakfast...
Part of our trip was for me to take Mary Dalton to Mistletoe Market presented by the Jr League ~
I have been waiting YEARS to bring her...and I am pretty certain we have started a new tradition!!!
We had tickets for the jazz brunch and got to shop before the public ~ it was FABULOUS!!!
We got there about 7:45 and got it in line...ready to SHOP!!! 
We had the BEST time!!! The shopping was top notch and the breakfast was delicious...she was tired but she can hang in there like a CHAMP!!! She is so much fun!!!
While we were shopping, the boys went to hunting stores and then we met them for lunch at Bass Pro!
She loves this bearded man...
I do, too! :) 
And this sweet thing ~
I pray he will always be my baby!!! He is THE sweetest thing!! 
MD and Jax shopped around Bass Pro and had fun goofing off while DDD and I got somethings for the cabin! 
This is what you call "Shopping until you drop" ha! She was WORN OUT!! After Bass Pro, we went to the outlet mall ~ 
We headed to Oxford Friday night and got there around 7:30 ~ we headed to the square after checking in our hotel...we weren't there 15 mins and BOTH children vowed to one day be Ole Miss Rebels ~ They fell in LOVE with all things Oxford...who can blame them?!?! It's beautiful!!!
We ate at Ajax Diner and my only pics are from Snapchat...
The game started EARLY Saturday morning, so we got up and headed to The Grove...if my 2 were not sold on Ole Miss before, this sealed the deal! The tailgating is something EVERYONE should experience!!! It was beautiful!!!
Since Ole Miss played Dalton's Alma mater, GA Southern, we had lots of friends in MS for the weekend!!!
We met up with "Big Phil" ~ Dalton's fraternity brother who was also in our wedding!!!
We enjoyed catching up with them! 
These people are the best...
and please note...she is taller than me...
#butiwillstilltakeherdown ;)
And on a TOTAL side note...why aren't girls awkward anymore?!?! When I was 12, I was a HOT mess!!! 
Dalton's law school friend had sky box seats and invited us to join him!
My 2 had no idea how fortunate we were to have scored these tickets!!! 

So I didn't take 500 pics because I didn't want to embarrass Dalton or myself ~ but let's just say I HATE football,  but if I had access to these kinds of seats...I would go EVERY week!!!
Sooooo nice!!!
Tons of food ~ everything was catered, lots of sofas in our suite, private bathroom, a candy bar down the gall, hotdogs and hamburgers, popcorn, etc. EVERYTHING you could want or dream of was available for us!!!
It was AWESOME and such a great experience!!!! 
Even Mary D who HATES football had a GREAT time!!!
I can't say enough about the hospitality at Ole Miss ~
It was an experience to say the least!!! 
After the game, we met Elizabeth and Rhett ~ I taught Rhett and he saw a pic of Lizzie on IG and has been messaging her over a year!!! They met this past summer and then met up again this past weekend...they are THE cutest!!! Who knows what will come of this, but I love seeing them together for now! ;) 
Big D LOVES him so John Mark!!! We were excited that we got to see him again! Both of my kids are crazy about him, too! He can talk to a tree and is just so personable...everyone loves JM!!! 
My brother's kids and my kids...just missing our AU girl and Zach!!! 
All of my nieces and nephews are so sweet to my kids! 
We dropped Elizabeth and Rhett off for a dinner date...and we headed back to GA ~ 
We got home around midnight...it was a JAM packed 48 hours,  but MAN!!! WE. HAD. THE.BEST. TIME.
Seriously...it could not have been more perfect and I am pretty certain I have 2 future Rebels on my hands!!! 

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