Saturday, December 24, 2016

Our First Cabin Christmas!

We were SO excited to have our first "Cabin Christmas" ~ we decided to do this on Christmas Eve Eve ~ just the 4 of us ~ and it was perfect!

We woke up EARLY Friday morning and headed to Augusta ~ Big D always gets the kids a gift just from him ~ this year's gift....
Beats. MD REALLY wanted the rose gold color ~ they were sold out online...he found them on our FIRST stop...
LUCKY man! 
I found a Moscow Mule cup big enough for me plus a few others! 
We were back at the cabin after lunch and ready to enjoy our day! 
Sweet Bo LOVES the farm ~ he played SO hard! 
Big D made his yummy ham bone soup ~ 
She loves her Daddy ~ 
Razz came to meet Baby Bo! She was a fan! :) 
Jackson discovered that he can fit in Bo's cage...MD locked him in! ;) 
The weather was so pretty ~ they had a good time playing outside...and MDD wore the waders and explored in the pond and waterfall...
Sweet Razz...
After supper, we opened presents ~ 

Jackson was closet to the tree and I told him to pass our the gifts ~
He used a line from Four Christmases and said,
"Orlando, since you are closest to the tree, you distribute the gifts..."
We LOVE that movie and all got a laugh from this! 
He got this game...which I thought would be fun to play at the cabin...but Dalton was not impressed and deemed it the "dumbest gift ever."
Mary Dalton was so sweet with her gift buying this year ~ she bought for everyone with her own money,,,and got Bo several fun things!
He got a bone that he LOVES!!! 
After we opened the presents under the tree, Dalton brought his gifts in...
He had said something about traveling, and after the kids opened the gifts, MD said she thought the gift was a trip ~ and she did NOT want to go on a trip...
Whose child is this?!?!
I'd love a trip over a pair of Beats!!! 
They were SO surprised ~ MD asked Santa for Beats, and Jax asked Soon & Big so they were NOT expecting them from their Daddy! 
Sweet smiles from them both....
Jackson was pumped, too!!!
He LOVES all things techy~ if that's a word! 
A big thank you hug! 
Ready to listen to some music! :) 

We woke up this morning and dug through their stockings ~ 
It was a super fun time and we love our new tradition! The kids said if they did not get one more gift that they had a great Christmas! That's a win!
They are growing up SO fast, too fast! We only have SIX more Christmases with MD before she is in college! As stressful and busy as it is, I am trying to savor every second we have this holiday season! 

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