Tuesday, January 17, 2017


11 years ago ~ Jackson David Dowdy was born and completed our family. 
He has been a JOY for the past 11 years. 
The first word that comes to mind when I think of Jackson is "EASY."
He was an easy baby. He was an easy toddler. He is easily entertained. He is easy when he is sick.
He does his school work with ease...

He also loves life. 
He can always find something to do to entertain himself ~ 
and he LOVES to laugh ~ I hope he always can find humor on bad days...and that he keeps that crazy, loud contagious laugh ~ the kind where he throws his head back and just bellows...
He is VERY versatile ~ 
he can go redneck and hunt, fish, etc...or haul out his best manners and dine with the best of the best! :) 
He enjoys school, sports, art, theater, guitar, electronics...
LOTS to say the least! 
Sweet Jackson David ~ 
I pray that you have a great birthday and that you continue to grow into a Godly man. I pray that you always follow your heart, help others in need, and look for ways to encourage people. 
You have brought our family SO much joy!!! 
I had NO IDEA how much I would love you and how much we needed you in our family! 
I am SO proud of the young man you are becoming! 
Being your mother brings so much happiness! 
Happy birthday to my "baby" ~ 

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