Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up ~ better late than never...

I had all intentions to post this earlier this week, but it has been BUSY!!!
Better late than is our weekend! :)

Nothing like getting to work to find a treat from a student! :)
So sweet! 
Friday ~ As soon as school was out, we went to the cabin!
Praise the Lord! 
Whitney came home with Mary Dalton for the weekend! The weather was SO pretty and they stayed outside all weekend! 
Love their sweet friendship...
This was Dalton's first time to cook on the new outdoor's not complete, but we can't wait to have it all done! 
Nothing like a good fire ~
Jackson had a great time burning off the leftover wood! 
Jackson went coon hunting and had himself a blast!
He wasn't much on staying up half the night though...he slept until lunch on Saturday! 
It was a low key weekend, but it was just what we needed! :) 

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