Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life Lately...

I can honestly say that April/May is WAY busier for us than December! We are going 500 mph and counting down to summer, though! 
Last weekend, I helped host a shower for Madison ~ far left ~ I taught both Madison and Katy and they are PRECIOUS girls! We took them with us to the Taylor Swift concert with us when MDD was in K4! They've grown up, a tad haven't they?!?! 
My Seniors just wrapped up their  "Ready or Not Tot" week ~ these babies cry all night and they have to keep them with them 24/7 ~ it is a long week for them, but HOPEFULLY one that they will remember! :) This year's group ROCKED this project ~ they did so good !
Speaking of tots ~ 
Ohhhhh my sweet baby!!! Seriously ~ he is THE cutest!!! :) 

Bo is doing great ~ he's pretty much outside full time ~ he LOVES to play in the backyard! He is getting big, but still the sweetest puppy! 

And I saw this one IG and was like ~ ohhhhhhh this is me!!! I love some Salt-n-Pepa!!! 

Jackson's class came in my room last week for a frog dissection ~ He loved it of course ~ and I loved having him in my room! :) 
Life lately is busy ~ but sweet summer is SO close!!! 

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