Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sixth Grade Beauties

Lately everyone comments on how much Mary Dalton & I look alike ~ 
Soooooo ~ 
I had to break out my 6th grade school picture and compare it to hers....

And we have laughed NONSTOP about this!!!
Middle school is no longer an awkward time for these girls ~ thanks to Youtube make up tutorials, flat irons and acne treatments! I feel it's a rite of passage that they are missing out on...
I mean ~ everyone should be ugly in middle school.
Not the case anymore...MD's friends are all precious. It's just not right.
They need acne, bad hair, glasses, and blue eyeliner.

So, no we do NOT favor when we were both in 6th grade, but she DOES have some of my features! :)   

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