Sunday, May 14, 2017

Honor's Day

Honor's Day was the week before last ~ This is always a super stressful time for me because I am in charge of the day for our school. This year went as smoothly as possible though! :)

We started the day with homeroom ~ a few of my seniors who were being honored ~ I am going to miss these kids SO much!!! They are a special group!

I didn't get many pictures since I am pretty busy during the ceremony but got this one of precious Blake and the 6th grade girls before we got started! He is THE cutest!!!

Jackson and his class ~ He's really into "soft smiling" in pictures to be funny...whatever. Middle school humor, drama and hormones may be the death of me....

I am BEYOND proud of these two!!!
Mary Dalton got Distinguished Headmaster's (had 95 and above in every subject all year). Jr. Beta Club, Spelling Bee award and the highest average in Language Arts and English. Her teacher has raved about what a good writer she is! So proud!!!
Jackson also got Distinguished Headmasters and Spelling Bee. He received the Presidential Award for his ITBS scores and had a CLEAN sweep with the highest average in EVERY subject for the 2nd year in a row! SO proud of them both!!!I place a LOT of pressure on them to do their best and try VERY hard to let them handle their own business and only get involved when I have to. They have been SO responsible!!!

Sooz and Big came to the program, too!
These two ~ brains and beauty ~ double winner! :)

After Honor's Day, Mary Dalton had her Beta Club induction ceremony and luncheon. It was so nice and she had to read a part and light a candle...she is an officer...but I can't remember which one! ;)

All of these kids are in Jackson's class and have older siblings in Beta Club, too ~
Hopefully these 4 will join them next year! :)

It has been a LONG year ~ MD did super adjusting to middle school, but Jackson has not loved school this year. However, he worked hard and is ALMOST done!!! We are looking forward to summer for sure and a fresh start in the fall!

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