Sunday, May 7, 2017

Savannah 2017

Dalton has a conference every year in Savannah ~ which happens to be my FAVORITE city in GA! This year, we let the kids skip 2 days of school and join us! The weather was AMAZING ~ it was like summer! We took full advantage of the pool! 
Friday morning, we headed out EARLY for breakfast before Dalton had to attend classes...
And Huey's did not disappoint! 
LOVED spending some time with him on River Street before he had to work! 
He makes my life so much fun! :) 
Friday night, Mary Dalton and Jackson kept our friends' twins...
I think they learned the value of a dollar! They had their hands FULL but fell in love with Zoie and Zander! 
My kids' favorite part of the whole experience was the Buyer's Mart ~ they racked up on free crap...
and then hauled it home to my clean house! This was JUST Jackson's loot ~ they had BAGS full of cups, pens, chapstick, stickers, etc. 
Just what we needed...
This was the first time in YEARS we were all in one hotel room together...we usually get a suite or rent a house. We need lots of space...we like our own area/space. I was VERY worried about being cramped up in the room, but it actually was not bad at all and we enjoyed our time together! :) 
Saturday night, they had a dinner party with a band and we let the kids go ~ 
They had a great time! MD loved the dancing and Jax loved the food! :) 
Super fun weekend away with my favorite people! :) 

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