Friday, June 23, 2017

Enjoying Summer!!!

Summer is flying by as usual...but we have enjoyed ourselves!!! Just a peek at our last two weeks! 
Jackson had his 11 year old check up...six months late. He got three shots and the Dr increased his migraine meds to twice a day. Hopefully that will help! Other than that he's healthy and getting SO big! Not much "little kid" about him anymore. 

We squeezed in a girl's day! We are "pairing off" so much more now that the kids are older...boys at the farm...girls at the pool/mall/home!  
Both my kids helped in VBS last week. I kept the nursery and LOVED it so much!!!  Nothing like a sweet baby to love on...and then send them home! MD helped with 4 year olds and Jackson was with the threes. It was a good experience for both of them!  
Dalton and I went to a Hank Jr concert with our friends! Super fun night out!

Mary Dalton went to the beach for the week with her friend Maggie. Jax and I had a day in Augusta. We went to Apple, Cabellas and the movie...all his favs! Fun time with my boy! He also had a friend stay the night and we spent every night but one at the cabin! He enjoyed ALLLLL the attention for a few days for sure!

MD didn't send many pics but I stole this one off SC! She was gone 7 days...I went and got her yesterday and was so glad to have my girl back!!!
  Jax RARELY spends his money but he bought an Eno and has enjoyed it so much!!  
 We've had LOTS of pool days and Bo is a swimming champ!!! Pool days are my favorite days...lots of reading, tanning, laughing and games. 
 Pool days with Razz are even better!!! We loved seeing her!!! She's getting soooo big!!! We just adore her! 
 We have several things going on next week then it's JULY! In July, the kids have camp, we have a beach trip and it's back to school! It'll fly by but I plan on LOTS of pool time with our friends!!! 

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