Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weekend at the Palmer's

Last weekend we went to Canto see The Palmers! Friday night, we left the kids at home and had an adults only meal at Goin' Coastal! This place flies in fresh seafood...it was delicious!!! There was a time we never thought we would be able to go out without paying a sitter...so we take FULL adavantage of our kids' ages now!!! 
Both of my kids adore Rhett! He's so sweet and patient with them! 
Saturday morning we did some shopping and had lunch...the boys went to hunting stores and ate BBQ. We met back up to go to see the Braves play at their new stadium! We walked around The Battery and saw the new set up!
For June in GA the weather was mild...we aren't huge baseball fans, but enjoyed the game...and the Dippin' Dots! ;) 
I love that our kids love each other and have so many fun memories together!!! I REALLY hope Lynley and Mary Dalton end up in college together later on!   
It was a super fun weekend and we can't wait for them to come see us soon!

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