Sunday, July 30, 2017

(Backup) Summer 2017...that's a wrap.

Well...another summer has come and gone!!! 
Here's a quick look back at our time together! 

Jax perfected driving!!! Seriously! He's a pro now!!! 

Mary Dalton had tons of sleepovers! 
They're old enough to see about themselves so sleepovers are no problem! 
We played on the duck...a lot. This was the best $30 of the summer!
We made a trip to Natchez...and took Whitney Sue with us! 
While there, we spent the day at the creek!

Dalton and I celebrated 17 years of marriage! 

Both kids attended Summer in the Son and loved it!!! 

We had a fun weekend in ATL with Thr Palmer's!

The kids and I taught VBS! 

Jax got his booster shots for school! No more until college!!

We loved having Razz here for a few days! 

We got see Hank Jr in concert which was s BLAST! 

Jax bought an Enu and had lots of lazy afternoons in it! 

Mary Dalton went to St Simons for a week with Maggie! 

We enjoyed eat at McKinneys several Sunday nights! 

Dalton gave the kids a "slow dance" lesson at the cabin! 

We enjoyed an early firework show. The children were at camp on the actual Fourth of July so this was our celebration. 

Both kids went to 4h camp! It was a tad rustic for mdd, but Jax loved it! 

Jax fished...a lot. 

We had pictures done for Mary Dalton's 13th birthday. How in the world can my baby be almost 13!?!  

There was a TON of this...
The kids mastered sleeping LATE!!! This week is going to be tough!!! 

We went to Jekyll Island with Dalton for a conference. 

Too many afternoons in the pool to count!!!

A girls weekend with my girl while they boys were....

Meeting Moonshiners...

More fishing...
And the shocker of the summer… Mary Dalton started softball and loved it! 

It's back to work for me today and the children start on Wednesday. The summer was very low-key and relaxing. We spent a lot of time at home and just laying low. I have FIVE summers left with Mary Dalton and SIX with jackson...time is flying by. I'm thankful I have a job where I can be home to enjoy them in the summers!!! 
Summer were the summer of pool time and relaxing. We've enjoyed you! :) 

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