Friday, July 7, 2017

Camp Week = Empty Nest!!!

Our kids left for 4h camp this morning! Since they've been doing camp for several years they were excited, but you know basically professionals! 

This was Jackson's first time st 4h camp and he was excited about the outdoors aspect! 

Their leader posted very few pictures which was a disappointment, but I did see them each at least once! His face!!! LOL!
This appears to be md and ws with the same color lanyard..praise the lord! These two REALLY were hoping to be in the same tribe!!!

Since we were kid free we enjoyed lots of cabin time! It was raining and yuck...perfect for watching movies!
Dalton cooked a feast for the Fourth of July! Soooooo good!!!

I worked all day and got my classroom ready to roll!!! I wanted to do it while the kids weren't here so I can be with them our last few weeks of summer!!!

Ahhhhh it's so clean right now!

Love my new coffee table! I want to paint it later on! 

Excited about a new year!!!

The kids will be home this afternoon and we can't wait to hear about their week!!! However....this alone with man....was time well spent!!!! 


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