Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mary Dalton's 13th Birthday Party ~

We celebrated our girl BIG this year with a Chanel themed birthday party! She seriously planned this for MONTHS and it was exactly what she wanted! A few things on her "must have" list were good music, an awesome cake, a geofilter for Snapchat, fun decorations, and lots of friends! :)

ughhhh...she grew up SO dang fast!!!

She picked out the cake! :) It was delicious!!!

In other news, MD has her first boyrfriend, Ben. They have been really good friends for about a year now, but made it "official" about a month ago. Who knew when I started blogging 9 years ago that one day I would blog about a boyfriend!?!?
We estimated there were about 70 kids there! It was packed! She invited the whole middle school and several of my high school students came, too! She felt loved for sure!:)

I do have to say, as far as middle school dances go, they were WAY less awkward than we were!!! After 30 mins, they were all dancing!  
She had school friends, camp friends, dance friends, and church friends ~
It was so much fun to celenbrate my favorite girl and let her know how much we all love her!!! :)

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