Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback, Field Trip, Sick AGAIN, and Shopping Day!

This has been a WEEK to say the least...I will be HAPPY when it is over! I don't say that often, don't want to wish my life away, but it has been one thing after another this week!
I  lost my camera and had to borrow Dalton's when I put the card in to get the pics from the field trip today I found this ~
 and this ~
 Yep! Let the tears begin! A week of going nonstop, 2 field trips, dance, a house to keep up with, papers to grade,projects for school,  a sick child, a MAJOR bank error made by yours truly plus PMS ~ AND ~ ALL my friends from MS are at home for the Balloon Race Weekend and I am 10 hours from there ~ I cried. The ugly cry at that. My babies are growing up soooo fast, too fast!
 Dalton has been hunting and is excited about gun season coming....Jackson is excited he is going to get to some this year!
Monday ~ Mary Dalton got check out of school on Monday to go shopping with Suz! She was SUPER excited about it!!! She was so happy that she got lots of "bags" ~ doesn't matter what's in the bags...just the number of bags! :) They had lunch at PF Chang's and supper at The Chop House!
 I was going to meet them, but Jackson was running fever and Dalton had a meeting, so I stayed home and tried to get him on the mend....while Suz and Mary Dalton had Starbucks ~ JEALOUS!!
 With my crappy week, I guess I had a LOT of stress! I FINALLY got my 5k time under 30 mins and am looking to run a 10k in a few weeks! I ran 5 miles in 52 mins last weekend and I am going to attempt 8 miles tomorrow...may not be able to walk, but I will get rid of some stress FOR SURE!
 Jackson has had fever EVERY DAY since Sunday ~ it only starts at 4 and breaks within a couple of hours...mother of the year here sent him to school because he APPEARED to be fine! I started him on a rx Monday and we went about our business ~ Wednesday after school he STILL had a fever of 101 and we went to the Dr ~ PNEMONIA!!!
He stayed home with Suz and Dalton on Thursday (I had a field trip with 10th grade) and got 2 shots ~ he got the clear to go on his field trip today!!!
 His 1st grade went to Kackleberry Farms with his class! I PRAY I NEVER have to go back! We have been EVERY YEAR since K3 ~ and I have 2 kids who NEVER go at the same time! One of my friends has been THREE times THIS week! Mary Dalton's class is supposed to go soon ~ I am praying I can get out of going with her!
 Sweet Miss Jillian has the patience of Job!
1st grade is NOT my cup of tea! I will stick to my high school kids! :)
Jackson loves her so much and she was so sweet and pushed them on the zip line!
 Jackson and Taylor ~ she is sooo sweet! She is one of the funniest little girls in the class and Jackson loves to play with her!
Around lunch, he started feeling bad ~ I left with him...went back to school and he had fever AGAIN! 7 days straight!!! We came home early from school and I am praying we can take it easy this weekend and get everyone WELL and RESTED for a change!!!

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