Sunday, October 21, 2012

Report Cards, Campfires, Open House & Farm Fun!

We got report cards last week ~ I was VERY proud of their hard work!!!
Jackson's ~
 No "U's" ~ Woohoo!!!!
 Sweet note from his teacher ~
 Mary Dalton's ~
 I don't think she has ever had a U or NI!
 Excellent grades as well!!!
 So proud of them both!!!
 Poor Jackson has had a rough week with pnemonia! It breaks my heart when one of my babies doesn't feel well and this has REALLY taken a toll on him! He is WORN out today!!!
 Most afternoons this week, he came home and got on the couch and stayed there til bedtime!
 I know this isn't the best pic but I am sure that this the last time she will wear this dress and it is one of my FAVORITES!!! I am so thankful she will still agree to my dress code! ;)
 Deer season came in and Dalton stayed at the cabin ~ Friday night the kids and I made a fire ~
no big deal you say....HUGE deal for this girlie girl!!!
 We roasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate! Then the kids rode their scooters around the pool for an hour while I PRAYED on one fell in!
 Jax said, "Look! Sunny is on the virgin Mary's head!" ha!
 Saturday morning, I REALLY wanted to run 8 miles, but once again TIME was a factor...I got 6 in 60 mins and 26 seconds ~ 802 calories! I am signing up for a 10k ~ so at least I know I can finish! I was in a hurry because Dalton's parents' business had their fall Open House ~
 Suz and Sue-anna were SO sweet to make them a table to sell their bookmarks and crayons for Breast Cancer Awareness! People were SUPER sweet to them and VERY generous! They made around $30!
 Sweet Miss Frances who is 90 years YOUNG came! My children love her so...especially Mary D!
 Sue-anna was so sweet to let MD stay and "help" with Open House while Jax and I went to WalMart to get supplies for a school project he has this week! Then, they took them to dinner and let them BOTH spend the night! I was alone for 15 hours! Woohoo!!! Thanks Yall!!! :)
 After church, I met them at the farm for some Sunday Funday!!!
 We had a picnic on the haybales!
 Jax even took Suz for a spin on the 4wheeler!
 If you haven't ever played on need to find some...pronto!
(I ran before I went...lovely attire I am sporting!)
 Big Daddy and Jax rode for awhile then Jax was almost asleep! We came home and he has been napping ever since! I certainly hope he feels better this week!
It is Homecoming Week at our school ~ aka the WORST week of the year if you are a teacher! ;)
My kids are really excited about "dress up" days this year for spirit week! Stay tuned...I am sure I will have LOTS of pics to post! :)

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