Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homecoming Week Recap ~

Last week got off to a ROUGH start ~ Dalton got horribly sick and was literally in bed for 4 days straight! I played chauffeur, teacher, mama, maid, nurse, cook, etc. ~ needless to say I was EXCITED when he finally started getting well!
Monday was Holliday Day ~
You had to dress as your favorite holliday!
Mary Dalton was "Labor Day!"
 She was the only Labor Day! ha!
 Jackson's favorite holliday/season is hunting season! He went in full camo!
 Tuesday was Class Pick day ~ his class picked to wear their costumes ~ we borrowed the pirate costume! I usually am on theball with costumes, but they really aren't into all that this year....
 Mary Dalton's class picked Team Day ~
 Jackson's class on Class Pick Day! He looked creepy in the wig!
 Tuesday night was dance and they had a Halloween Party ~ Mary Dalton went as a maid!
 Jackson had to go with me to dance and wait on MDD ~ he was VERY sweet about it! Especially since they were eating cupcakes and he wasn't!
 Wednesday was "Dose of Reality" Day ~ Mary Dalton & Whitney Sue went as Abby & Brittany! They were PRECIOUS! They even knew the whole "I am Abby ~ I control the left side of the body...." spill ~ Mary D LOVES that show!
Jax went as a Dr but I guess I didn't take a pic ~ by that point in the week I was WORN OUT!!!
Thursday was Social Swap ~ MDD went as a nerd! But a "cute nerd" as she called it!
 Jackson went as a redneck and "won" best dressed in elementary! He was pretty cute!!!
 This picture pretty much sums up my week ~ NO ONE wanted to cooperate, kids on a sugar high ~ and it isn't even Halloween ~ going on LITTLE sleep and acting like crazies!!!
 They were SUPER excited to see Chelsey at the pep rally! We miss her SOOOO much!!!
 Friday night, was the homecoming game and I took the kids since Dalton was still not 100% ~
Mary Dalton's sweet friend Marti Ann was the flower girl for the queen ~ the girls were SO SWEET yelling for her when she walked out on the field!!!
 After a LONG night at the game, we were up early Saturday morning so Mary D could dance in the Spier's Turnout Festival ~ We LOVE her sweet dance teacher!
While we were waiting for the parade to start we HAD to find a funnel cake...and boiled peanuts!
Jackson bought a knife and was SUPER excited about his purchase!!! :)
 He was REALLY excited to find Mallie!!!
 Then the parade started....Jackson was DIALED in on the candy!!! He RACKED up!!!

 Pretty Girls in the Parade!!!
 Born to Be Wild!!!!
 Go Mary Dalton!!!!
We had a fun but LONG week!!! I was glad to get a nap after the festival ~ even MDD who NEVER EVER sleeps took a 3 hour nap! I wish I could say that this week is going to be "calm" but we are booked EVERY afternoon and night this week! So on we go!!!

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