Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Fun!!!

Saturday after the parade, Mary Dalton & I CRASHED! We were worn out!! After a good nap, the kids played in the tree stand FOREVER! Who knew that this could be so much fun! My children LOVE going to our cabin and the farm! They would rather go there than just about anywhere! Dalton & I were talking today about how nice it is to go there ~ we feel like that is the only place we can "get away" from everything...and we love it!
 Dalton found a HUGE pumpkin for this year! The kids were super excited because he also bought glass bottle cokes and Halloween cookies to enjoy while they carved the pumpkin ~ HANDS DOWN the BEST daddy!!! Wouldn't trade this man for ANYTHING!
 For some reason, Jax felt the need to shed his shirt! ha! He was REALLY into the pumpkin thing...literally! ;)
 He found a pumkpin piece and a turkey feather and instantly became an indian!
Halloween Pumpkin 2012!!

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