Thursday, November 1, 2012

HaLlOwEeN fUn 2012!!!

My kids LOVE Halloween because they LOVE candy ~ especially this little missy!!!
I usually go "all out" and plan costumes....this year.....not so much!
I kind of "over" all that mess...MDD wore an old dance costume
 and Mr. "Too Cool for 1st Grade" ~ wore his regular clothes...
he thinks dressing up is dumb?!?! What!?!?
 I helped with Mary Dalton's party today! She has the SWEETEST class!!! They are just a great group and have the best parents! The kids were SO well behaved and polite! I enjoyed my time with them...and for a brief second I missed teaching elementary....then I came back to the "real world" and remembered how much I LOVE my "big" kids on the other end of the hall!
 We started off the trick or treating at our church's trunk or treat ~ notice MDD toted Julie with us ~ she even made her a costume! Jackson opted for camo...imagine that! Hey! at least he was warm!!! :)
 They got GOOD candy! It's all I can do to stay out of it! CHOCOLATE galore!!! no peppermints and butterscotch...these kids got GOOD stuff!!!
 We saw sweet Raley! She keeps the kids some and they LOVE her!!!
She ALWAYS has a smile and is such a good Godly role model for them...especially MDD!
 **at one booth if you could answer a Biblical question you got a BIG prize ~ giant thing of bubbles...they asked MDD to name 1 commandment....her answer...
"Thou shall not shoot people" ~ never heard it quite like that....but yeah...I guess it works!
 After that, we headed to Louisville ~ our kids wanted to trick or treat where their friends would be so we agreed! We ran into Marti Ann, Caroline and Drew! Caroline was precious and did a SUPER job at keeping up with the "big girls!"
 We also ran into Anna Claire ~ she is SO precious! Her mama does my hair and we just love them!
She is sooo funny!!!
 I have to say AGAIN ~ hats off to Dalton D. Dowdy!
He is a TROOPER! At one point, some man said,
"Hey look! they have a whole dance squad on that golf cart!"
We had 5 little girls and the 2 of us on our cart ~ the boys were on the other!
Dalton helped them cross the road, keep away the big kids trying to scare them, help them on and off the golf cart....
LOVE him!!!
 Jackson was BEYOND excited about going to Miss Jillian's house!!!
She REALLY gave them LOTS of she was regretting that today when they were wild!!
 We came back to Wrens and stopped by Mike and Gigi's!
Lulu was dressed up and my kids just had a fit over her!
She is soooo precious! I would LOVE to have a dog like this one day!
The kids had a great time and we made some fun memories! 

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