Friday, November 2, 2012

Update on our TEETH!!!

Mary Dalton has a dentist appt yesterday to get her braces tightened ~ she has done SO well and I can't believe how much her teeth have straightened out!!!
This time for some reason, her teeth have been really sore! She should get her braces off in January!
 Jackson lost a bottom tooth on Tuesday  ~
He was soooo excited! He pulled it himself and got TEN dollars from the Tooth Fairy!
I need to pull some of my teeth! ;)
 Then....Thursday, Miss Jillian pulled another one of his teeth at school ~ it was her 1st tooth (of many I am sure!) in her teaching career! They BOTH were pretty excited!!! The fairy left hom $2.75!
He is racking up and is VERY ready for braces...he talks about them all the time! ;)
Both kids had  friends come home with them today and play until time for the game! I have been able to get ALL the laundry put away without being interrupted!

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