Monday, November 5, 2012

November Already!?!?!

It's sooo hard to believe that November is already here and in full swing!
We only have this week and next week of school and we are headed to MS for Thanksgiving!!!
 Friday ~ both kids got to ask a friend over to play! Jackson asked Ty ~ Love how they look "tough" and Mary Dalton asked Marti Ann! The girls played upstairs ~ dance and dolls and the boys stayed in the yard...and in the water hose!
 Sunday we went to church ~ after missing weeks at a time for sickness and traveling, it feels so nice to be "back" where we belong! Jackson is learning the books of the Bible and is doing super!
 LOVE this picture of my sweet babies!!!
If Mary Dalton didn't have on a Thanksgiving dress, this would be my Christmas card! ;)
Thankfully MDD will still wear precious smocked things...she just adds her own "flare" ~ notice the hot pink boots...and that keeps us BOTH happy! Makes me sad 8 is as big as they come and this is our LAST YEAR! She is down to about 4 or 5 smocked dresses, but she does have some REALLY cute skirts, too! ;)
 On the way home from school today, Jackson lost ANOTHER tooth! That's THREE in 6 days! He is gonna need dentures! He pulled this one himself and can't wait for the tooth fairy to come tonight! :)
 We have a "fairly" calm week planned ~ not too much going on ~ and we are SO looking forward to a FULL WEEKEND AT THE CABIN this weekend!!! We are looking forward to eating some good food, watching football and RELAXING!!!
We are REALLY looking forward to spending time with Dalton/Daddy, too! :) 

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