Tuesday, November 6, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!!!

Every year around this time, I like to do a post of my favorite things/products that I have found or started using this year!
1st up ~ Pink Zebra!
This is a new company and I LOVE their sprinkles, very similar to the tarts that Yankee Candle sells, but they last a LONG time! The scent isn't too strong and it doesn't overpower the house!
I bough several fall scents and have been super pleased!
I didn't buy their burners ~ they were $20 or more...mine from WalMart works just fine! :)
LOVE my Lane boots!!!
They are soooo comfy! I could wear them all day everyday! I have 3 pair and would love to have 3 more! If you are looking for cute boots that are comfy...check these out! I get LOTS of compliments everytime I wear them!
 I would love a bubble necklace in EVERY color!
They are so super cute! I have a red and wear it every chance I get!
 CWD kids is my new "go to" for the my kids! They carry sizes up to 14 and sometimes even 16 or 18!  It is SO hard to find clothes that are age appropiate when you have a tall 8 year old girl! CWD Kids is the solution! Everything is appropiate and we BOTH like it! Jackson is easier to dress, but I can even find him some things there too! I wanted him to have a Christmas shirt, and they had one that he said "wasn't too babyish" SHOCK!!!
 I bought this 409 carpet cleaner on a whim ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
It works fast, dries fast and gets most anything out of carpet! I hope that soon we won't have carpet anymore, but until then me and 409 are TIGHT buds!
 I could eat my weight in pretzel chips! They are delicious and you can have 10-12 for 110 calories and little or no fat ~ they are soooo good with salsa, chicken salad, regular salad or alone! WalMart and Target both have them!
 Thank HEAVENS Mary Dalton still will wear a bow! That makes me SO happy!!!
She LOVES the bows from Rainbows by Paulette ~ they make a "mega" overlay bow that has LOTS of glittler/sparkles and she loves it! They run about $15 ~ and they look like it! They are NICE and HUGE! She gets compliments on them all the time! I hope she asks Santa for some for Christmas!

 I have NEVER been a cold weather fan, but since I have lost 40 lbs, I am REALLY REALLY COLD! I broke down and bought an electric blanket ~ it has been WONDERFUL!!!
We have a dual control and it works out perfectly! I should have bought one years ago! It is super plush and very soft....LOVE it!

My children HATE vitamins, but I have FINALLY found one they BOTH like and BEG to take!
It is the Member's Mark brand ~ Gummy Vitamin...they are really good! I even take them!!! 
Years ago, my mama bought the kids these cardboard blocks ~ at least 5 years ago...they STILL PLAY WITH THEM!!!! I can't say that about many toys!!! They have held up well and they "ice skate" on them, build forts, make doll houses/star wars forts, cages for animals, towers, ramps, etc. This was money WELL spent!!!

I can't wait to see others' blogs with their favorite things/finds for 2012!
now to work on my "wish  list!" :)

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