Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We were SO excited to be able to go to the cabin this past weekend! We went right after school on Friday and stayed until Sunday night ~ only left for Mary Dalton's dance practice and church...
pure heaven!!!
 Dalton have him a machete and he had a BLAST!!!
He chopped and chopped...and chopped!!!
Dalton gave him $1 for each tree he cut and he did 6 during the weekend! His little arms were WORN OUT!!!
 He didn't want to go hunting with his daddy bc he was too busy earning some money by chopping down trees! He changed his mind and got all dressed  ~ got his bow and arrow and went to a deer stand...with Mary Dalton following him in a hot pink zebra dress! ha!
 Needless to say ~ MDD didn't last long and when it started getting dark...he found his way right back to the cabin!
 Friday night, we made a fire and made smores!
 We grilled steaks and they were SO good!!! I can't remember the last time I ate steak and it was DELCIOUS!!!
 My munchins LOVE a fire!!! It is one their favorite things about fall ~ mine too!
 Saturday morning, they had chocolate doughnuts before I had to take MDD to dance!
 We enjoyed the pretty weather ~ kids played outside, I read, we rode the 4 wheeler and just relaxed...
Jackson found a lizard and of course named it "Lizzy" ~ he names every animal it's name with a "y" ~
MDD and I get so tickled at his name choices! ;)
 Some of his handiwork ~ and Lizzy in her "cage" ~ he finally let her go!
 We had so much fun together doing nothing!
It was a MUCH needed get away!!!
 While Dalton hunted Saturday afternoon, the kids and I went to the haybales ~ we raced 500 times!
 Mary Dalton took a SPILL once and had several close calls ~ she is all bruised up from this fun!
 While MDD was bathing, Jax made her a list of things he likes about her ~ SO SO SO Sweet!!!
I know they sometimes SAY they don't like each other, but they really are best friends....
they have the BEST times together!!!
Sunday after church, went back to squeeze out the last of our fun! Dalton fried deer tenderloin and dill pickles ~ it was BY FAR one of the BEST meals I have eaten in a LONG time...and I am STILL running to burn off those calories! ;)
A wonderful time was had and lots of fun memories were made!
We are so blessed! 

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